The United States Martial Arts Team was established in 1999 with the intent of bringing together the country’s best traditional martial artists to compete against the world’s best in the World Martial Arts Games. In the team’s 13-year existence it has brought over 300 athletes to World Games competition in Spain, Australia, South Africa, Las Vegas, Austria, Canada, and Germany and has a medal rate of 330% (3-4 medals per athlete). More than the next three countries combined. US Martial Arts Team has established itself as a powerhouse in international competition.


The team is organized as a 501(c)3 charity and operates from the generous donations of its fans, family, and friends as well as the support it receives from its sponsors. To donate to the US Martial Arts Team or to apply as an official sponsor you may contact any of the US team coaches or contact Linn Wright at 1 (801) 404-1124.

US Martial Arts Team is a member of TAFISA – which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Our Team adheres to the “sport for all” model by filling its roster with children and adults, male and female, representing the vast cultural diversity of the United States.